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Global Development Company - usa, with God's help, was founded in May 2001, and is wholly owned by Mr. Thomas P. Mabiala in order to improve the vocational, financial, and social outlook of individuals and companies in Africa and the United States through profitable business transactions.

GDC's work consists of facilitating the contract, the awarding of contracts, support of Government in [some] tax relief & legal authorization of the establishment of the North American companies, and the feasibility or profitability studies of the related projects. We also work to negotiate specific contracts, allowing experts to implement additional small projects in the countries of business.

GDC works with government, NGOs, non-profit organizations, churches, schools and private companies with a desire to create business opportunities that will build upon the natural resources and strengths of the African continent.

Our goal is to provide relief to the African peoples from poverty, and help create a new system of government management of natural resources, teaching people to create their own income generating activities for self improvement.

To this end, GDC invests in African countries in order to teach by example our philosophy of self-dependency. We work by putting God and His Kingdom at the forefront, as well as donating 10% of our gross income back to God through donations to churches, NGO, and social services of the government(s). These donations are made to a non-profit organization 501-C3 called U.S. Multicultural. USMCC was founded and owned by Mr. Mabiala Thomas Phuati in 1999.

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We are currently facilitating contract negotiations between North American companies and African governments.

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GDC works to solidify contracts for  mining, construction and infrastructure projects throughout Africa.

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GDC news pages and links provide an insight into our current global operations and ongoing business opportunities.

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We work to improve the lives of all people throughout the continent of Africa by building strong community relationships.

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